Award in European and Maltese Public Procurement: Rules, Policy and Practice

MQF/EQF Level 5 (2 ECTS Credits) Online Intake Opening Soon

EMCS Academy has designed the Award in Public Procurement (a higher education programme) to assist participants in gaining a solid foundation in European and Maltese Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice.

Individuals following this course will be provided with up-to-date knowledge, skills and proficiencies dealing with public procurement practices.

The overall objective of this training programme is to enhance awareness and knowledge in dealing with public procurement rules and principles.

Accreditation and MQF/EQF Level
A CPD Award accredited with MQF/EQF Level 5-2 ECTS Credits by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). The Award in European and Maltese Public Procurement: Rules, Policy and Practice will be awarded to delegates who successfully attend all modules and obtain a minimum pass in the relative assessment.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the various stages of procurement cycle
  • Undertake a procurement process, including the preparation of a tender dossier for different types of tenders and manage the tender evaluation process
  • Manage contract implementation
  • Detect procurement errors

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Critically evaluate the various stages of procurement cycle
  • Undertake a procurement process, including the preparation of a tender dossier for different types of tenders and manage the tender evaluation process
  • Manage contract implementation
  • Detect procurement errors

A mix of learning methodologies will be used to ensure that that participants are engaged in the learning process throughout the training programme. Various training methods will be adopted throughout the training sessions, including Presentations, Case studies, Group discussions and Workshops.

A summative assessment procedure will be used and this will be applied at the end of each module when the students would have covered all the material covering all learning outcomes. Trainee will be asked to work on a Case study – preparing a comprehensive Tender Dossier (with basic ToRs) using the appropriate templates provided as well as carry out proceedings of a tender evaluation process.

Grading: A (80-100%); B (65-79%); C (50 – 64%); F (0-49%)

The course will be delivered over a 6-month period (part-time).

The training will be delivered mostly in an online format which allows the necessary flexibility for interaction and presentation of the training material, facilitate direct queries and the ability of easily holding group work and discussions in separate online breakout rooms. the first session will be held in person at our training premises.

The course will be delivered in English.


2 A Levels or equivalent qualifications or minimum of 2 years working within a public procurement environment.

Good working knowledge of the English language.

Course Modules

MQF/EQF Level 5 – 1 ECTS
  • EU Public Procurement Legal Framework
  • National Public Procurement Legal Framework
  • Tendering Processes
  • Preparing a Tender Dossier
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module the learner will:

  • Be aware of the requirements of public procurement regulations;
  • Understand the roles & responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved in the procurement process;
  • Be in a position to distinguish between the different procurement processes;
  • Understand and manage the whole procurement process
  • Have a good understanding of EU and National public procurement regulations;
  • Be knowledgeable on the preparatory requirements for the drafting of a tender document;
  • Have an understanding of how to successfully undertake a tendering process;
  • Be more aware of potential procurement errors which need to be avoided
  • Differentiate between different types of tenders;
  • Complete a tender dossier, using the relevant templates;
  • Manage a tender evaluation process;
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Distinguish the essential elements needed when drafting a tender;
  • Distinguish the requirements of the different tendering forms and procedures, and the relevant templates;
  • Draft and critically evaluate a tender dossier;
  • Identify the stages of the procurement cycle;
  • Explain and critically review the EU and National Public Procurement Legal Frameworks with a view to implement and apply on a national level;
  • Communicate the day to day intricacies of applying different tendering processes;
  • Communicate the procedures related to the preparation of a tender dossier;
  • Access and work with all online documentation and forms required for the preparation of a tender dossier;
  • Make use of the ePPS platform for uploading and publishing a tender;
  • Publish a tender dossier on the Official Journal
MQF/EQF Level 5 – 1 ECTS
  • Public Procurement: Evaluation and Implementation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Post Contract Award
  • Irregularities and financial corrections
  • Contract Closure
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module the learner will:

  • Be aware of the potential of irregularities thus attempt to ensure that such irregularities are avoided;
  • Be familiar with the contractual requirements following award of the contract;
  • Have the necessary guidance on the preparatory work required for audits and how to approach such audits;
  • Be attentive to the Do’s and Don’ts throughout the procurement process;
  • Be able to distinguish the role of the various stakeholders involved in the control management structure of EU funded projects and those entities with the authority to undertake audits on such projects;
  • Undertake a successful procurement process;
  • Manage a tender evaluation process, including the drawing up of a tender evaluation report;
  • Measure possible modifications to a contract;
  • Distinguish the key factors in tender bid;
  • Identify and implement contractual obligations;
  • Recognise audit requirements;
  • Assess procurement documents;
  • Aptly communicate the processes required for a tender evaluation;
  • Explain the intricacies of the post-award process and contract closure;
  • Identify and communicate information regarding any irregularities which might occur;
  • Successfully carry out contract management, taking all the necessary aspects of this task into consideration and implementing the required processes;
  • Prevent, detect and report any irregularities in the processes followed;
  • Successfully access all required documentation online for the evaluation of bids (received online);
  • Communicate with bidders via specifically designated online channels and platforms;
  • Publish results online;
  • Navigate online platforms for invoicing and payment procedures

“Excellent course content, focused and well organised. I felt at ease within the group, the tutors were very knowledgeable, managing to fully interact with participants. I would definitely recommend it to others.”


“An intensive course that equips you with the necessary tools to effectively deal with public procurement rules both within the public and private sector.”

F. Spearing

“A professionally delivered course, interactive and at the right pace. The tutors are well skilled. They created a positive, stimulative environment. It is well organised and very informative.”


I. Micallef

“The modules are very helpful to develop and strengthen your knowledge in Public Procurement. The course content is engaging, and the examples given are contemporary and relevant to daily work. I would highly recommend this training programme.”

L. Farrugia

Total Learning Hours

Full course: 50 hours

Module 1: 25 hours

Module 2: 25 hours

Hours include contact hours, supervised practice hours, self-study hours and assesment hours.


Alison Attard

MBA, ACCA, Dip. General Management

Alison Attard is an accountant by profession, holding an international qualification through the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and an MBA from Heriot Watt University. She holds a Certified Public Accountant warrant. She is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and the Malta Institute of Accountants.

Her career and experience in the finance sector has evolved over the past thirty years through employment both in the public and private sector. She previously held the post of Commercial Manager on two major Contracts as part of the team that successfully completed the Mater Dei Hospital Project. She was later appointed as the Financial Controller, primarily responsible for the Finance and Procurement Unit as well as the funding and contractual issues associated with Malta’s Health Capital Projects, amongst which the Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre which was constructed by means of an ERDF grant.

She currently holds the post of Director Finance in a Government Agency responsible for the overall financial governance of the entity.

Gabby Mallia

B.Com (Hons, Management), M.A. European Studies

Over the past 20 years Gabby has acquired an excellent knowledge of EU funding and also has extensive work experience on project contract management required to implement major projects, policy development and training beneficiaries in preparation for implementation of EU funded projects. Having worked within the Foreign Commonwealth Office within the UK government and the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta, Gabby has a thorough understanding of the requirements and mechanism of the public sector and the procurement requirements. Thus, she seeks to provide the necessary guidance and assistance in ensuring the successful implementation of major public infrastructural projects whilst adopting the necessary public procurement procedures.

Over the years Gabby has been engaged to provide training to current and prospective beneficiaries of EU Funded projects to provide them with the necessary knowledge on the EU requirements, project management and public procurement requirements to successfully implement EU funded projects

Daniela Grech

Daniela heads the Projects and EU funds Unit at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. She has worked with the Managing Authority for Cohesion Policy Funds for more than 10 years and has extensive expertise in the implementation cycle of EU funded projects. Her experience ranges from the monitoring of infrastructural projects funded through ERDF and CF in the areas of R&D, Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transport and Health, to support to the Private Sector, including financial instruments. During her tenure with the Managing Authority, she has also headed the Monitoring, Communication and Evaluation Unit. Daniela graduated in Law and European Studies at the University of Malta.

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