Award in Social Media Strategy and Management

MQF/EQF Level 5 (4 ECTS Credits) Blended Intake Opening Soon

EMCS Academy has designed the Award in Social Media Strategy and Management (a higher education programme) in view of the fact that the Social Media Revolution presents major opportunities (but also threats) to companies and organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.

While many have responded by setting up social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), few have developed an integrated and coordinated social media strategy for building sustained growth and competitiveness.

The need for organisations to move from an ‘experimental’ stage to a much deeper level of social media engagement is now widely accepted. Indeed, many observers are already arguing that the concept of social media itself has become dated. What is required is for companies to become ‘social businesses’.

The Award covers the key issues involved in developing, implementing and proactively managing an effective social media strategy for building sustained customer and competitive advantage. A ‘business first’ approach is adopted ensuring that the social media actions and initiatives you implement are fully aligned with and supportive of core business goals and objectives. A key focus is the use of agreed KPIs and targets to measure on-going social media performance and business impact.

Given the dynamic nature of social media, course content is fluid and flexible to reflect the rapidly changing social media landscape.

Accreditation and MQF/EQF Level
A CPD Award accredited with MQF/EQF Level 5-4 ECTS Credits by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). The Award in Social Media Strategy and Management will be awarded to delegates who successfully attend all modules and obtain a minimum pass in the relative assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the use of metric and analytics used to measure social media performance
  • Explain digital marketing performance using KPI
  • Present social media strategy to non-technical people
  • Present social media results to management
  • Critically evaluate the social media strategy options for different business situations
  • Develop a social media strategy based on industry best practices
  • Adopt the use of Key Performance Indicators to monitor social media strategy performance

Who is eligible to participate?

  • CEOs and Senior Executives tasked with the responsibility for creating responsive organisations in an era of turbulent digital change
  • Business Owners wishing to exploit the full potential of social media for achieving sustained growth and competitiveness
  • Middle Managers responsible for developing and implementing agreed Social Media Strategies and Action Plans
  • Junior Managers and recent graduates wishing to develop careers as Social Media Managers

Course & Examination Dates

Module 1 – Strategy Development and Performance Measurement
MQF/EQF Level 5 CPD Award, 2 ECTS




Module 2 – Strategy Implementation, from Social Media to Social Business
MQF/EQF Level 5 CPD Award, 2 ECTS






The course will be delivered using a blend of approaches to ensure a unique learning and development model that enables the learner to learn the general framework of the subject and then apply what is learnt to real life cases.

The course is carefully designed to tackle the theoretical framework by exploring the key principals of  Social Media, Strategy and Management and is then supplemented by providing the participant with other resources and hands on experience to practice the key elements of the course.

The Academy will make available a number of support mechanisms including notes and handouts, assignments and online resources in order to support participant progress on the course.

A summative assessment shall be used to award the customized award – this is done so the individual learning is assessed against a particular specification or standard. The summative assessment will take place at the end of the course when the students would have covered all the material, covering all learning outcomes. The qualifications obtained will provide evidence that the student has obtained the knowledge, skills and competencies as described in the course description and to the level awarded.

Grading: A (80-100%); B (65-79%); C (50 – 64%); F (0-49%)

This course is made up of 1 live session and 7 online sessions, over a 6-week period (part-time).

EMCS Academy, Level 2, Regional Business Centre, University Heights, Msida.

The course will be delivered in English.

A good working knowledge of the English language

Experience in Sales and Marketing or Managerial Experience would aid participants to take full benefit of the course.

Course Modules

MQF/EQF Level 5 – 1 ECTS
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module the learner will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to:

  • Undertake a Social Media Landscape Analysis and Digital Internal Audit
  • Develop a basic Social Media Strategy for an organisation
  • Assess and use Social a number of Media Management Tools
  • Use brainstorming techniques and focus groups to generate a social media vision
  • Use social medial monitoring tools to monitor company reputation on social media channels
  • Adopt KPIs to determine social media strategy effectiveness
  • Understand the basic use of the Balanced Scorecard approach
  • Use appropriate data to assess social media strategy performance
  • Distinguish the essential elements when setting up a social media strategy
  • Choose the best options from Social Media Management Tools
  • Choose the most appropriate social media KPIs for different scenarios

At the end of the module/unit the learner will have been exposed to the following:

  • Social Media Listening System
  • Social Media Landscape analysis
  • Performance Management for Social Media Campaigns
MQF/EQF Level 5 – 3 ECTS
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Social Customer Service
  • From Social Media to Social Business
Learning Outcomes
  • Critically evaluate an Inbound / Content Marketing Strategy
  • Perform a basic social media audit
  • Assess the cost and benefits of different social customer service tools
  • Construct a project plan for the implementation of a social media strategy
  • Develop a basic Inbound/Content Marketing Strategy and identify the elements required
  • Perform Social Customer Service Audit
  • Deliver a presentation based on different options relating to social media channel management
  • Develop a project plan for the implementation of a social media strategy
  • Distinguish the Key Success Factors in Effective Social Media Channel Management
  • Choose the most appropriate social customer service tool based on company requirements
  • Determine the do’s and don’ts of social customer services

At the end of the module/unit the learner will have been exposed to the following:

  • Inbound/Content Marketing Strategy development methodology
  • Social Customer service strategy design and implementation
  • Social Customer Service Tools
  • Effective Project Management techniques



“Having sat for the Award in Social Media Strategy and Management at EMS, I can honestly say that the educator was immensely knowledgeable and ready to assist. The foreign speakers were extremely interesting and I look forward to putting my advanced knowledge to practice professionally. It was a pleasure to attend the course.”

V. Sant Fournier
Creative Director / Entrepreneur

“The course I attended was very interesting and it was exactly what I was looking for. The Award in Social Media Strategy and Management course is the right tool if someone wants to get to know more about how to implement social media marketing in today’s world! The lecturers were extremely informative and the lecturer was always ready to assist even during the assignments.”

C. Farrugia
Executive I - Marketing Department 

“Having attended the course ‘Award in Social Media Strategy and Management’ by EMCS, I feel that I have strengthened by knowledge especially when it comes to the practical side of social media and digital marketing. This course was all about learning how to get things done and not simply skimming the surface of topics. The lecturer was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us all a chance to participate in the course. The foreign lecturers were also interesting and brought about real-life case studies which we could learn from.”

L. Grima
Freelance Content Writer

Total Learning Hours

Full course: 100 hours

Module 1: 25 hours

Module 2: 75 hours

Hours include contact hours, supervised practice hours, self-study hours and assesment hours.


Matthew Castillo

Consultant, EMCS Malta

Experienced Business Advisor holding an M.Sc, in International Marketing and having multi-industry experience specialising in Management Consultancy and Business Development, having a track record of over 10 years in assisting companies create and implement the best possible strategies to successfully reach their distinct target audience.

Charmaine Falzon

Product Manager, Nestlé, Malta

Charmaine is a Product Manager at Nestlé Malta. She is also a visiting assistant lecturer at the University of Malta. Working with Nestlé Malta, Charmaine has experience with managing both emerging and market leader brands within highly competitive consumer markets.

Guest Speaker: Prajakta Datar

Manager, DIPA technologies, Adobe Systems Europe, London, UK

Over 12 years of customer facing and management experience in digital marketing and IT; previous positions held at Adobe – Multi Solution Architect, Business Consultant and Digital Analytics Consultant; previously worked for Associated Newspapers Ltd. (UK), – positions held: Head of Analytics, Digital Analytics Manager and Digital Analytics Executive

Guest Speaker: Ran Merkazy

Vice President, Product and Service Innovation, Data and Digital, Lloyd’s Register, London, United Kingdom

Previous positions held Samsung Electronics, Head of Digital Appliance Innovation Europe, Senior Innovation Manager; Dyson Design engineer; Speedo Product Designer

Guest Speaker: Oliver Scott

Head of Product Marketing, PayPal, London, United Kingdom

Previous positions held PayPal, Head of In-store Marketing, Europe,

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