Finance for the Non-Financial

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Aims/Objectives of the Training

The Finance for the Non-Financial training course is designed to:

  • provide individuals with a basic knowledge in finance
  • equip participants with the skills to understand key financial principles and apply them in a real-world context
  • guide participants through a series of modules, starting from understanding basic financial principles to applying a financial analysis to drive decisions
  • provide case studies and practical examples so as to ensure that participants can apply the concepts.

On completion of this training programme, participants will have attained the skills and knowledge to:

  • understand the language associated with finance
  • know how and when to use financial terms and analysis techniques
  • read and assess company performance using financial statements
  • recognize the link between organizational strategy and financial objectives
  • use “the numbers” to make more informed decisions

4 sessions are recommended (This course can be a tailored to client’s distinct needs)

This course can be delivered online. The course will be delivered in English.

Course Outline

  • Introduction – Introduce the professor and provide an overview of the course and the learning outcomes.
  • Why is financial knowledge important?
  • A discussion on the core basic financial principles:
    • The Investment Principle
    • The Financing Principle
    • The Dividend Principle
  • Understanding basic financial terms – capital. revenue, equity etc
  • Understanding basic financial terms:
    • Break-even analysis
    • EBITDA, or earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization,
    • Gross profit margin
    • Overhead Costs
    • Cash flow
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Main financial statements – what they tell us and what they do not tell us
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit and Loss / Income statements
    • The Cash flow
  • Budgeting
  • The different approaches to budgeting
  • Pricing
    • How important is pricing
    • What strategy/ies should you use
  • Break even Analysis
  • Case study

When Vivian teamed up with the EMCS Academy for our further training requirements, it was a perfect match. The courses were helpful not just for our work but also for our personal lives and I definitely feel generally more empowered after attending some of the courses that were offered to us and which EMCS took care to tailor and fine-tune according to our requirements.

Kenneth Briffa
Senior Medical Representative, Vivian Corporation, 2022

EMCS Academy comes highly recommended for the team’s outstanding guidance in creating a programme that catered for the needs of our employees. As a start, prior to the drawing up of the training programme, various meetings were set up with the management team, with the aim of understanding the training needs of the Company as well as those of the employees. The courses delivered did, not only contain the normal theory one needs to know, but a lot of practical examples. This helped the staff remain focused and attentive on the subject being discussed.

Rishi Bonello
Director, Rosemont (Malta) Ltd, 2022

Total Learning Hours

Full course: 4.5 hours

Module 1: 1 hour

Module 2: 1 hour

Module 3: 1 hour

Module 4: 1.5 hour

Hours include contact hours, supervised practice hours, self-study hours and assesment hours.

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