Motivation: Motivating Self and Others

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Aims/Objectives of the Training

This Motivation – motivating self and others course is designed:

  • to provide participants with the necessary skills to motivate themselves and others, by providing them with a greater understanding of themselves and others.
  • participants will improve their ability to get things done and have a positive influence on others and motivate them.

After completing this training programme, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • to inspire and motivate themselves and others
  • the Secrets of Long-Term Motivation
  • learn how to Build a Motivational Mind-Set
  • battle procrastination and beat it!
  • to stay motivated and energised.

4 sessions are recommended (though can be tailored to client’s distinct needs)

This course can be delivered online. The course will be delivered in English.

Course Outline

  • General overview and introduction to the concept
  • The myths about motivation and why they may cause more harm than good in today’s world
  • Relationship between: Motivation – Job satisfaction – Optimal Performance
  • Understanding and developing your self-motivation
  • The Elements of Self-Motivation
  • Types of Motivators: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators
  • The Importance of Obligation
  • Day-to-day motivation – How to stay motivated and energised
  • The three elements of intrinsic motivation
  • Autonomy – the urge to direct our own lives
  • Mastery – the desire to get better and better at something that matters
  • Purpose – – the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves

Our company engaged EMCS Academy on an extensive training programme for 2022.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and managed to change my mind set on a number of practices. Most importantly I enjoyed witnessing my team and my colleagues engage in such a constructive manner. It goes without saying that this would not have been able to be achieved it were not for the excellent delivery and organisation by Ramon Muscat and Francesca Camenzuli. Moreover, EMCS Academy also saw to the reimbursement options we had from governmental entities, leaving us just with the goal of learning and adapting what we have learnt. I would recommend EMCS for the courses of Time Management , Planning and work life balance course as well as the Motivation course,  blindly,  because I am seeing the great positive results.

Joanna Gatt
Managing Director, Vivian Corporation, 2022

When Vivian teamed up with the EMCS Academy for our further training requirements, it was a perfect match. The courses were helpful not just for our work but also for our personal lives and I definitely feel generally more empowered after attending some of the courses that were offered to us and which EMCS took care to tailor and fine-tune according to our requirements.

Kenneth Briffa
Senior Medical Representative, Vivian Corporation, 2022

Recently I attended a course on Time management and Work Life Balance organised by EMCS Academy. The course was spread over a couple of weeks and held online. The organisation of this course was impeccable! The main speaker was very knowledgeable and provided the information at a good pace so that participants coming from different backgrounds could easily understand and relate. Information was forwarded instantaneously and a number of applied practical examples were given. The course was also interactive whereby participants could ask questions and get involved ensuring attention was maintained throughout. On a personal level, I found the course to be also very beneficial with examples that could be applied in my professional personal life. I recommend this course to people in management as it is an eye opener, practical and the support provided by EMCS Academy is nothing short of excellent!

Kenneth Delia
CEO, Hospice Malta, 2022

EMCS Academy comes highly recommended for the team’s outstanding guidance in creating a programme that catered for the needs of our employees. As a start, prior to the drawing up of the training programme, various meetings were set up with the management team, with the aim of understanding the training needs of the Company as well as those of the employees. The courses delivered did, not only contain the normal theory one needs to know, but a lot of practical examples. This helped the staff remain focused and attentive on the subject being discussed.

Rishi Bonello
Director, Rosemont (Malta) Ltd, 2022

Total Learning Hours

Full course: 4 hours

Module 1: 1 hour

Module 2: 1 hour

Module 3: 1 hour

Module 4: 1 hour

Hours include contact hours, supervised practice hours, self-study hours and assesment hours.


Ramon Muscat

Director, EMCS Advisory Ltd, Malta

Mr. Ramon Muscat is currently a Director at EMCS Advisory Limited.

Focusing on the EMCS Academy, Ramon’s purpose is to maximise individuals’ true potential through coaching and training.

He is actively involved in the provision of training in non-technical skills for both the public and private sector (such as time management, planning and work-life balance, motivating self and others, the great customer experience, and dealing with difficult customers (to mention a few). Furthermore, Ramon coaches individuals in top-tier positions.

Apart from his Masters in Business Administration Ramon attained a certificate in Managing People from the College of Management and IT and an ILM Level 5 – Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

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