Evaluation of Structural and Investment Funds – Planning, procurement & management of evaluation projects

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EMCS Academy has designed a training programme for the management, monitoring and implementation of evaluation projects.

The course provides an introduction to the topic of evaluation, particularly in the context of projects and programmes funded by European funds. Participants will gain an overview of the context of evaluation in the management of European funds and will be able to take an evaluative view of projects and programmes under implementation. Participants will improve their ability to formulate good evaluation questions and to reflect on possible methodologies to answer these research questions. A significant part of the course is devoted to the selection of evaluation contractors and the management of evaluation projects.

The long-term nature of the course allows (and partly requires) participants to apply the material discussed to their work context. The course is thus practically oriented and participants who prepare or implement evaluation projects can work through some key moments of their real evaluation project with the support of an experienced lecturer.

Course Dates

There course is made up of  8 sessions which are split into 7 units. Every unit is always stretched across two sessions and includes a weekly assignment (approx. 30mins).

  • Public Administration officers engaged with the Managing Authority, Beneficiaries and other stakeholders within Cohesion Policy Framework, who are involved in the management, monitoring and evaluation of EU funded projects.
  • Officials from Voluntary Organization who would like to improve their skills in managing evaluation activities for their projects.
  • Individuals wishing to pursue careers in EU funding.

By the end of the Course, participants will gain knowledge on:

  • Understanding evaluation within the context of the European Structural and Investment Funds
  • Gathering knowledge on the adoption of the Theory of Change for funded projects
  • Understanding and identifying evaluation criteria and quality evaluation questions
  • Understanding different evaluation methods and designs, including counterfactual evaluation and theory based evaluations
  • Undertake data collection, sampling, and data analysis methods
  • Undertake project management of evaluation projects including planning, drafting Terms of Reference, working with contractors and monitoring of deliverables.


A mix of learning methodologies will be used to ensure that that participants are engaged in the learning process throughout the training programme. Various training methods will be adopted throughout the training sessions, including Presentations, Case studies, Group discussions and Workshops.

Participants are encouraged to bring with them, real-life evaluation case/s to work on during the course.

The course will be delivered over a 2 month period (part-time) with one 3 hours session weekly and includes 7 weekly assignments (approx. workload of 30 min each).


Total Learning Hours

Full course: 24 hours

Hours include contact hours, supervised practice hours, self-study hours and assesment hours.


Vladimir Kvaca

Vladimír Kváča is an independent consultant and evaluator. As a civil servant he has almost ten years of experience in the management and evaluation of European funds in the Czech Republic. He has held positions such as Director of the Partnership Agreement, Evaluation and Strategy Department at the Czech Ministry of Regional Development, Director General of the European Funds Section and Head of the Evaluation Team of the European Social Fund at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

He has always considered himself a practicing academic, which is reflected in his occasional work as a lecturer at Charles University in Prague. In 2018, Vladimír served as the President of the Czech Evaluation Society. He has been working for a long time to develop evaluation capacity in public and non-profit sectors and has been helping to transform organisations into learning organisations.

He is an experienced trainer in evaluation on the international scene, lecturing frequently for European Institute of Public Administration, ESI Funds Academy and other training providers. In recent years he has focused on project evaluations in the areas of criminal justice, child protection and education.

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