Course NameDateTimePrice
Introduction to Project Management
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
Starting: 7th March 202414:00-15:30€75More Information
Award in Leadership: How to effectively influence, inspire and impact others
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 8th April 202415:30 - 17:00€175More Information
Award in Resilience Skills – Rise & Thrive at Work and in your Daily Life
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 18th April 202408:30 - 10:00€175More Information
Award in Presentation Skills
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 24th April 202415:30 - 17:00€150More Information
Problem Solving
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
Starting: 3rd June 202415:30-17:00€75More Information
Building Effective Teams
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
Starting: 17th September 202408:30-10:00€75More Information
MQF/EQF Not Applicable
Starting: 19th September 202408:30-10:00€75More Information
Award in Negotiation and Influence Skills – Selling to the mind
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 25th September 202415:30 - 17:00€175More Information
Award in Great Customer Experience
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 5th November 202408:30 - 10:00€150More Information
Award in Time Management Foundations
MQF/EQF Level 5
Starting: 7th November 202408:30 - 10:00€150More Information


Workshop NameDateTimePrice
Workshop 4: Navigating Workforce Management in a Constricted Labour Market
Advanced | Afternoon
7th March 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 5: Are you a Leader or a Micromanager?
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
11th April 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 6: What makes Strategic Planning Indispensable?
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
9th May 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 7: The Family Business Financial Controller
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
13th June 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 8: Financial Planning and Future Projections
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
5th September 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 9: Overview of Malta’s Economic Trends and what this Means for your Business
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
10th October 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information
Workshop 10: Managing conflict in the workplace
Mid-Level / Advanced | Afternoon
7th November 202415:00 - 18:00€50More Information


Webinar NameDateTimePrice
Effective Stress Management Strategies for Yourself and Others
Introductory / Mid-Level | Morning
15th March 202408:30 - 10:00€30More Information
Mastering the Art of Email Communication: Elevate your Business Messaging & Make your Inbox Impactful!
Introductory | Morning
19th April 202408:30 - 10:00€30More Information
Finance for the Non-Financial (1)
Introductory | Morning
17th May 202408:30 - 10:00€30More Information
Finance for the Non-Financial (2)
Introductory | Morning
31st May 202408:30 - 10:00€30More Information

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