Paul Daniel Micallef

Dr Micallef  is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, an executive coach and mentor, and a senior consultant in leadership capacity building and organisational development.  He is registered to practice in Malta with the Malta Psychology Professions Board and in the UK as an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  Non-technical competence is his strength, and he mainly works with topics such as resilience, holistic wellbeing, courage and confidence in communication, teamwork, employee onboarding, motivation, corporate values, strategic management, complex dynamics, and multi-tiered expectations.  He works at integrating these critical aspects of work life into policy documents, strategic thinking and planning, and day-to-day operations.

His long-term experience in psychology coupled with management, leadership, and executive coaching / mentoring allow him to analyze situations thoroughly and design projects and programmes which address core issues in a practical and timely manner.  This ability supports and comforts those who are often perplexed by highly emotive, long-standing, and complex situations including issues of burnout, compassionate fatigue, and dealing with turbulent times at the organizational, sectoral, and national levels.  His professional and ethical approach offers a trustworthy, disciplined, and rigorous basis for long-lasting work relations.

He has presented and shared his work at countless conferences over 3 decades focusing on topics like preventing fatigue and burnout, managing energy productively, fostering talent and optimizing potential in leadership and management, organizational development, shaping organizational cultures for better outcomes and performance, holistic wellbeing, retaining talent in the 21st century post COVID, and links between wellbeing, leadership, and the economy.  He has learnt that one of the most successful ways of achieving success is to celebrate it and be available to passionate people who are tasked with tremendous responsibilities.  Support comes in different ways including individual, group, and team coaching, consultancy, workshops, hybrid learning, and strategic feedback and planning meetings.

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