Roderick Vella

Mr. Vella is a trainer and consultant focused on management practices. His main focus is on what he deems to be the most important resource of any business: people. Over the course of his experience and through his MSc in Human Resources Management and Training from University of Leicester, Roderick is a firm believer that no business can succeed without empowering the right people to drive it forward from the right seats.

Mr. Vella claims that his most notable accomplishment is guiding experienced management teams of remarkable companies towards achieving goals higher than those initially forecasted. This is also thanks to the intensive training he also holds in the area of practical negotiations, as celebrated through his first-class award from College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.

Having gathered C-level managerial experience in the field of HR across various jobs in companies which ranged between 200 and 1200 employees, Mr. Vella extended his career in 2019 to organisational development, as he assumed the role of consultant with several renowned groups of companies in a private venture. This focused mainly on business development and included restructuring efforts, franchising, inventory management, staffing, training and cost control, along with other areas in which ad hoc consultancy was required.

Mr. Vella too is actively involved in the provision of training in non-technical skills (such as negotiation skills, how to deal with difficult customers, influencing others, to mention a few). Furthermore, Roderick is currently involved in a project for the Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care where he is engaged in training groups on topics comprising: dealing with patients, passing on difficult news, and managing and building effective teams.

This could only be achieved by the adoption of a can-do approach by all team members, together with the streamlining of unnecessary bureaucratic practices for efficiency.

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