Vladimir Kvaca

Vladimír Kváča is an independent consultant and evaluator. As a civil servant he has almost ten years of experience in the management and evaluation of European funds in the Czech Republic. He has held positions such as Director of the Partnership Agreement, Evaluation and Strategy Department at the Czech Ministry of Regional Development, Director General of the European Funds Section and Head of the Evaluation Team of the European Social Fund at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

He has always considered himself a practicing academic, which is reflected in his occasional work as a lecturer at Charles University in Prague. In 2018, Vladimír served as the President of the Czech Evaluation Society. He has been working for a long time to develop evaluation capacity in public and non-profit sectors and has been helping to transform organisations into learning organisations.

He is an experienced trainer in evaluation on the international scene, lecturing frequently for European Institute of Public Administration, ESI Funds Academy and other training providers. In recent years he has focused on project evaluations in the areas of criminal justice, child protection and education.

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